Solutions to the Queens Problem Using a Constrained Random Walk

"The Queens Problem Revisited", Journal of Pascal, Ada & Modula-2 archive Volume 6 Issue 2, March 1987, pages 45 - 49

I show how to generate solutions to the eight queens problem using a constrained random walk instead of backtracking.

Queens Solutions

All solutions can be generated using a random walk, not just a few solutions (due to resource constraints this may not be practical for higher n, but this limit has yet to be established).

All 92 8x8 solutions

All 73,712 13x13 solutions

Higher Dimensional N-Queens Problem Solutions

In all of the following solutions 9's are queens

Seven 100x100 solutions - txt file, best viewed in the browser. As iterations -> 10^6, solutions ~ 1.3x10^-6

Nineteen more 100x100 solutions